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Harmony House is our Business name, Vermont Church Organs is our website, Church Organs are our primary Business, Vermont is our home, and helping Churches get a great organ at a low price is our first objective. We have the Dealerships for World-renowned Church Organs, manufactured by Ahlborn-Galanti and Viscount Companies, in Italy, both Companies dating back to the late 1800ís. We are also the area sales representatives for the Hammond Pro Line and leslie Speakers.
Selling Church Organs in Vermont is an interesting business. We watch dealers from outside of Vermont try to overcharge Churches for their products, and we enjoy going head to head with competition. We also find the make and model comparison very compelling for our products. After the Warranty is over, we excel in keeping our repair prices far below the out of state dealers, and that really upsets them. Just try to get a real price on repairs from them, and you will know what the run around truly is. Our prices for repairs when the warranty is over, is a small fraction of what the out of state dealers charge. They get upset when you ask for a price on non-warranty repairs, and they must be very ashamed of the excess charges.
        Many of the Churches in Vermont, put up with numerous small problems just because of the high cost of repairs from Mass. and N.Y., as some companies insist on regional service centers, and your Church pays the price for that decision. That is the main reason why we sell so many of our products in this area, and take so many of the other makes in trade. Dollar for dollar, if you want the most for your Church dollar, contact us about new, used, rebuilt, antique reed organs, electric pianos, or whatever your Church is looking. We try to locate for you, just what you want.
        Do you doubt any of these statements? We will gladly back up those statements with people from the areas that have dealt with the high cost of repairs from Mass. and NY. in the past, and some that are still suffering from those high service calls until they can afford to change organ brands to one of ours.
        We have customers in five states, and we for sure know someone near you that has benefited from our Business in the past years. Give us a call at 1-800-776-2935, as we even have a toll free number to save your Church more money.